Amazing Space Adventures – A Classic Science Fiction RPG

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Shades of Vengeance is excited to announce a new Rulebook Primer:

Amazing Space Adventures Logo

Created by Wayne Brown


The Game

It is 2100. It is the era of ray guns, rocket ships, personal robots, personal jet packs and exploration.

The jungles of Venus, deserts of Mars and lawlessness of the Asteroid Belt hold many dangers. They also hold opportunities for you, an explorer trying to make your fortune. With so much yet to be explored, you know you can find what you’re looking for.

The setting for all the adventures that you will have in this game assumes the colonization of our Solar System. For this game, we have chosen to change some of the events that happened in reality. Instead, we imagine that authors like Heinlein, Clarke, Asimov and Bradbury were proven correct.

Venus is a jungle planet where it always rains. Mars is a desert world with the remnants of a lost civilization. Mercury is a hellish world where only the very worst offenders are imprisoned.

Want to explore this Solar System?


The Rules

Amazing Space Adventures uses a tailored d100 rule set.

Want your personal robot along? Don’t worry, that is covered too! Want to fly? Check out our line of jetpacks, this game allows for it.


How do I get it?

You’re now able to order this game via Shades of Vengeance’s store. [/column][column width=”1/2″ padding=”24″ last=”on”]

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