Day Nineteen of Champion of Earth – Halfway

Hi everyone! We're now halfway through this Kickstarter. I'm really pleased with how well we're doing: as a company which has never created a card game before, we weren't sure what to expect from our Roleplaying Game fans. I'd like to thank everyone who has backed and helped us pass Stretch Goals for their interest! We were funded in 36 hours and have continued to break through Stretch Goals, enhancing the Champion of Earth Deck further as we do! We're going to keep moving forward, keep pushing, getting as many reviews and as much exposure as we can, to bring you the best... more

Day Eighteen of Champion of Earth – Combinations

Hi everyone! By now, if you've been following along, you'll know that many of the cards in Champion of Earth have some interesting special abilities. The power of them in this game, though, can be massively improved by  using them in combination. I've mentioned the Flamethrower briefly before, but not what it does. This card does 4 damage to every face-up Monster in the Oncoming Horde! Now, that's pretty powerful in itself, but if you then add another card to it... This is the Parallel Dimension Duplication Device. It becomes an exact copy of any other card you play.... more

Day Seventeen of Champion of Earth – The Hand of the Illuminati

Hi everyone! The Illuminati is a game-changing card. It can turn an easy-to-defeat Oncoming Horde into your worst nightmare, or just as easily make some of the biggest problems in the game simply return harmlessly to The Cave. The Illuminati is an Alien card which, when you turn it over, shuffles every Monster in the Oncoming Horde back into the Cave. It then deals out the same number of Monsters again from  the Cave, and the same player's turn continues. There are some excellent tactical uses for this, especially combined with the use of the Site-to-Site Teleporter (I'll talk... more

Day Sixteen of Champion of Earth Kickstarter – The power of OR

Hi everyone! "OR" is a word you will find on several Equipment Cards, such as the Segway. The Segway is a Level 3 piece of Equipment, but it also has a special ability. While some cards are able to use their special ability as well as attack, any card that says "OR" is not able to. Instead, you must choose between using the Equipment Card to attack and using the ability listed on it. In the Segway's case, you can simply ride past the first monster in the Oncoming Horde, which can be immensely useful, ignoring a strong monster to fight several weaker ones! - Ed You can join... more

Day Fifteen of Champion of Earth Kickstarter – The Other Kind

Hi everyone! I promised you yesterday that I'd talk more about "The Other Kind of Man In Black". Well, here he is in all his glory! This is the reverse of the Man In Black. When he's turned over, he takes all of your Equipment Cards. The deck is shuffled and the player responsible for turning this card over is given one piece of Equipment. That ends their turn. This card can turn a game around in a second, changing a strong hand to nothing, or giving a vital piece of Equipment to someone who has nothing good in their hand anyway... - Ed You can join the Champion of Earth... more

Day Fourteen of Champion of Earth Kickstarter – Here Comes the Man in Black!

Hi everyone! This is the Man in Black, one of the most useful cards in the game when you are in a tight spot: It's only a Level 3 piece of Equipment, but it has a very useful special ability. It allows you to discard this card and trade every other Equipment Card in your hand into the deck. The deck is then reshuffled and you are given the same number of Equipment Cards (except the Man in Black!) back. This allows you to replenish and refresh your equipment when you're facing something you might not be able to defeat. There are a number of single cards which can save your... more

Kickstarter Update – The Oracle

Champion of Earth is racing through its Kickstarter campaign and so far we’ve broken through a ton of Stretch Goals. All this great news means that our backers can expect to get a whole load of extra cards with their default decks! Things are doing well and right now the campaign is moving ever closer to expansion decks. Share this event with your friends because the more people that join in, the greater the rewards are for everyone! [ ] I mentioned last week that our next big game explosion is going to be the... more

Day Thirteen of Champion of Earth – Scouts!

Hi everyone! Today, I'm talking about Equipment which has the ability to "Scout". It's a specific trait that some equipment has, including the highly awesome "Hobby Drone with Assault Rifle"! Well, if you have all that duct tape, you have to use it somehow, right? The "Scout" ability on any card allows you to expend that card to pick up and look at every monster in the Oncoming Horde. You don't show anyone else, but it lets you know what you want to do within your turn. I hope you have a good memory, because you only get to do that once! There's also a limited version of... more

Day Twelve of Champion of Earth Kickstarter – Mind Control

Hi everyone! Today, I'm talking about the Mind Control Collar. This card makes the first monster alive in the Oncoming Horde into your willing servant. It'll attack the next monster, and whichever one loses dies! Don't worry, if they are equal in power, your new pet wins! Unfortunately, during the fight, the Mind Control Collar is destroyed, leaving you to face the winner of the battle! That last part might sound bad, but it's a fantastic way to thin the Oncoming Horde a little, with minimal risk to you. After all, it leaves only one creature where there had been two, as... more

Day Eleven of Champion of Earth – Self-Referencing

Hi everyone! For anyone who doesn't already know we have created several tabletop roleplaying games... uh... we did! I'm talking today about a particular card which is a big self-reference for us. This is the Martian Pants card. It's a reference to the Era: The Empowered, and one of the most powerful heroes in that universe. Martian Pants Man, or Forethought as he prefers to be called, is able to summon any item he has recently interacted with from his pocket. The card reflects the same abilities: it allows you to retrieve the last Equipment card used in the game! Be... more