New Artwork For The Definitive Edition – The Oracle

Happy weekend to all of you! I only have a few pieces of news to share with you today but Ed has also given me the green light to show off some artwork which always makes it a good day, so here we go. Time Travel Campaign Parts 2 and 3 are both clearing through some final stages. "TT2", as Ed calls it, is undergoing the changes from proofreading now and we expect that it should be with you very soon. Get ready because this one is right around the corner! "TT3" is finishing up with the proofreaders at the moment, so it’s going to be following along close behind. Overall, things are... more

Champion Of Earth Special News Edition- The Oracle

Welcome to the special in-depth news edition featuring Shades of Vengeance’s first ever card game, Champion of Earth. If this is the first you’re hearing about this game, I have a ton of great information for you and if you’re one of our fans who’ve kept up to date with every single announcement, I’ve even got some unique details for you too. So, let’s get started! Champion of Earth is set in a world where aliens have come to Earth but these aren’t your average sightseeing, tourist aliens. These outer space invaders have gotten right to work raising the undead and calling... more

Era: The Chosen, Special News Edition – The Oracle

Today I get to show you not only another great image from the artist working on The Chosen but also a selection from one of its stories. Last week I introduced you to two of this game’s inhabitants and today I’ll show you another. This spider like creature is a truly terrifying beast and unless I’m given a flamethrower I don’t think I’d like to share a dark alley with this guy. These are just some of the nightmarish creatures that come from Erebus, a universe which intersects with our own. The trick of it is that only a few people can actually see these creatures. For most of... more

Consortium Rewards Are Heading To Proofreaders – The Oracle

You’ve been patiently waiting for these promised rewards and the day is coming soon when we can deliver them to you! One of the last steps in production is proofreading and we have several pieces heading to the proofreaders in the upcoming days. So, here’s where we’re at right now... Time Travel book 2 has now gone to the proofreaders and we’re hoping to finish that up soon. As you know, we still have Time Travel 3 in the works and it’s currently marching through production. The Definitive Edition Rulebook is going through its final edit. This is a great collection which will... more

Era: The Empowered, Special News Edition – The Oracle

Welcome to our Special News Edition. Today we are dedicating the entire day to Era: The Empowered! Chances are good that you’re at least somewhat familiar with our upcoming 90’s-style superhero game. We released a primer some time ago and we’ve introduced you to a few of this game’s characters through our Penumbra and Lacuna comics but there is still so much more to show you! Right now, Ed is working with many different concept artists to imagine and even in a few cases re-imagine everything about our characters. The writing team is weaving together some fantastic stories using our... more

Kickstarter Updates and a Free Game! – The Oracle

Just arrived, Time Travel 1 to all Kickstarter backers! Thank you to everyone who helped support us. Enjoy your copy and let us know what you think. If you’re bummed that you don’t have the chance to play this game then come get onboard with our Patreon campaign. ( ) You can still join us! Ed and the whole team are proud of what we’ve put together. This project has been a year’s worth of campaigns that were developed and produced as we worked on understanding Kickstarter. Now, we’ve updated and improved those campaigns and we think that you’re really... more

Champion of Earth Images – The Oracle

I only have one bit of business news for you before I get into the fabulous artwork I’ve got hidden up my sleeve today. Ed has hired a marketing professional to help us introduce the Era games to more players! We’re really thrilled to have another person join our team and if you or someone you know would also like to pitch in and help spread the word, please drop us a line. We have plenty of ideas on how you can fit in with our amazing group. So now, settle in for a ton of great images because Ed’s taken pity on us and sent over a whole handful of artwork from Champion of Earth. In... more

The Secret War Extended Edition is out there! – The Oracle

Are you ready for the first special edition of the year? Ed has just let me know that the Secret War Expanded Edition, which is a unique version only available to the Kickstarter backers, has now been sent out in Digital Format to everyone who backed the Kickstarter! I know you’re going to love this edition because there is so much more to offer (and I even helped write the extra!). For those of you who didn’t get a chance to jump in on the Kickstarter, you can still enjoy this special edition through our PayPal option. Just click on the big blue button that says “Join In” on our... more

Don’t forget Patreon! – The Oracle

Are you one of those people who just can’t get enough of the Consortium? Here’s a couple good ways to check: Does your roommate complain that you’re constantly plotting your next Resistance mission instead of dealing with the recycling? Have you ever had a dream in the sacred song-like language of the Vilithii? Do you ever wonder what you’d look like in a Eulutian suit? If you answered yes to any of those questions then I’ve got just what you need. Our fans have a way to get new content every month and I think you’ll fit in perfectly with this great group of... more

Status of Consortium Expansions – The Oracle

Things are looking good in the world of the Consortium. Everyone is hard at work finishing up the various elements of all our expansions and Ed expects to be done mostly on schedule. So, let me tell you where each of these books are at! The Definitive Edition Rulebook is fully written and is just awaiting Ed’s thorough check of the new content before sending it out for proofreading! Only a bit more polish on this one and we can call it finished. Time Travel Campaign Part 1 is currently with the proofreaders now. We’re waiting to hear back so that any last-minute adjustments can be... more