Professor Rupert Wilton-Smythe’s Notes on the Notable Locations of the Kingdom of Yarnolth:

Yarnolth and the Surrounding Lands: A Traveller’s Guide


Welcome, Noble Patron, to my “Traveller’s Guide”.

In the hope of attracting adventurers from outside our fair kingdom to assist with the threats we all must endure, I, Professor Rupert Wilton-Smythe, have spent several months gathering information and history about the nearby towns and landmarks in order to provide the best information possible to these brave warriors.

I have, once again, collated all of these reports into a single place for the benefit of all.

This document contains information on the laws and customs of each town and city within the kingdom, the names of those to whom adventurers should make themselves known upon entering the town, the type of person who can be found resident in the town and a list of any notable dangerous creatures that can be found.

I hope that adventurers will find the information within its pages useful, both in tracking down the hordes of evil creatures and in knowing what is most easily traded at nearby settlements; adventuring is a thankless task at the best of times and helping them to make a small profit can only help to attract adventurers to this region.

For smaller landmarks, I have restrained myself to the inclusion of a few basic facts about that landmark. For each town and major region, on the other hand, I have included the following:

– A general overview of the town, providing a brief summary of any important points which are mentioned later. I hope that this will be useful to adventurers who are fleeing rampaging beasts and are approaching a town with little time to review the full content for that locale.

– Background information about the town: how large it is, where it is relative to other landmarks, what the landscape around it is like – all very useful information for anyone struggling to find its exact location.

– A history of the town: how it was founded and by whom, along with any notable events in the town’s history. I admit this may be of more interest to my noble patrons or those who wish to settle there but sometimes adventurers choose to make their homes in our fair kingdom!

– A list of the nobles resident in the area, along with the ruler of that location. If the location falls under the jurisdiction of a noble, it is strongly advised that adventurers introduce themselves to that noble before adventuring within their domain – it has been known for nobles to confiscate spoils obtained without permission, something all adventurers would rather avoid!

– Details about the population: how many people and of what type live in this area. I consider this very important information to any adventurer, because knowing whether there is only one merchant who will sell you water in a small village is vital!

– The laws and customs of that region. While many of these are common sense, there are various laws in certain areas of the Kingdom which can confuse the average traveller, not to mention customs which, if not observed, sometimes carry the death penalty!

– Any creatures known to be in that region (please see my Bestiary for further information on this subject!).


I begin with a map of the Kingdom, to help you gain your bearings:


Yarnolth, the Great City

Adion Bridge