Era: Survival Backstory

A hundred years ago, a biological weapon was set off… or did a parasite evolve? No-one cares, really.

It was airborne, infectious and attacked Humans – that’s the point.


01 - Base 9


It’s said people tried to save themselves by running away, but the Parasites spread too quickly. Monsters started springing up, carrying the Parasites and spreading Infection. At first they were only seen in the uninhabited areas between cities. Soon, though, they were coming from the streets, tearing apart anyone and anything in their way. People quickly realised that it didn’t just affect Human biology: any warm-blooded creature seemed to suddenly go mad and attack anything that moved, with great ferocity. Weapons did not work as well against these creatures as they do against Humans, either. When shot to pieces, they kept on coming: losing an arm just meant they tore you to shreds more slowly.

The greatest civilisations of our world tried everything to stop the spread – bombs so powerful that the air itself turned to fire. Nothing slowed the Infection.


Scorched Earth Zone3


Work on a cure was abandoned as civilisation crumbled – we accepted that it was the end of Humanity, the end of our cities, our technology, our achievements. Now all it takes to die is to walk through a dense field of Parasites and draw a breath. The Parasite infests the living and feeds off us, turning anyone Infected insane.

As time passes, it begins to release certain chemicals which act on the body like a mutagen – Infected people grow claws, bone armour, dense skin or just giantism in anything from a single limb to their whole body.

There are almost none of us left now… a few small towns and villages, spread across the wild lands of Gaia. We salvage the metal and glass towers our ancestors built to create crude shelters and use the small number of working vehicles that remain to bring food to our communities with scrounged fuel.


6 - Intimidation


Luxuries are a thing of the past, but each person struggles to keep that which has sentimental value to them. People live not because they see a destiny ahead but because, although it is difficult, it is still preferable to dying. It has been argued that fighting for survival is more of a habit now than a calling.

Does that matter? Does anyone even consider that in reality? The answer is most likely no – spending time contemplating the future is for people with the luxury of safety in their lives, a better than even chance of surviving to tomorrow.

There has been no unified government for 100 years, and very little order. The towns run themselves, either under the leadership of a charismatic individual or under the iron fist of a warlord.


Location - A port run by the Sisterhood


Any who travel face many dangers: not just the Infected, but radiation-scarred areas and species which are immune to Infection and have therefore multiplied out of control. Many animals even roam close to the walls of the towns and villages which shelter the majority of those who remain. The only real contact we have between villages are the Runners. That is a job of last resort for most – the high pay carries with it extreme risk.

As the years have passed, factions have formed – the Sisterhood of Pyrus promises it can save us by hiding underground. The Swarm pushes further southwards through towns and villages each year with its totalitarian regime and Scorched Earth policy. Meanwhile, the University of Planet promises that a cure will come soon and the White Cross distributes the only substance which can delay Infection.


6 - Sisterhood of Pyrus


Every day, though, Humanity dwindles. There is no chance to save our species here… there is just a chance to live to tomorrow.


With special thanks to the backers of the Era: Survival Kickstarter, we are proud to present details on the main Factions of Gaia!

Citizens of AquaCult of ProgressionDefendersNihilists,
Organisation of FriendsPotestatesRaidersRunners’ Guild,
Sisterhood of PyrusThe SwarmUniversity of Planet,
Vault HuntersWhite Cross