Cult of Progression

Founding and Background

The Cult of Progression worships the Infected and the Infection. Members of the Cult claim that for a creature
to be Infected is its ultimate progression towards being the most powerful being that ever evolved.

No-one is entirely certain who founded the Cult of Progression. Rumours abound that it was an offshoot of
Potestates, a group of people who discovered their “true calling” while investigating the effect Infection has on
Humans. Others say that it was a group of Raiders who came face to face with a huge creature in the centre of
Fallout and yet were spared Infection. Still others say that it is the inevitable outcome of the excesses of life in

There are as many stories as there are towns but all share one fact in common: whoever these people are,
whatever brought them together, they are extremely dangerous.

The Cult feels that its duty is to Infect as many people as possible, for the good of Humanity. Only when a
member has been directly responsible for a sufficient number of Infections are they allowed to be Infected

Needless to say, Cult members are fanatically devoted to their cause, though rather than pursuing violent goals,
the Cult prefers to entice people to join its ranks. Ministers of the Cult roam across Gaia and could be hidden
behind the cowl of any traveller, calling Humanity to fulfill its destiny by ascending to Infected.

Some Cult Ministers have managed to convert entire towns, which are now striving to lure and Infect innocent
travellers. Other groups of Cultists masquerade as Raiders but capture their victims instead of executing them,
giving the option of either joining the Cult or getting Infected.

This small but growing movement is most prevalent in the easternmost reaches of populated Gaia, furthest
from the power of the Defenders, where people live in fear every day.


The leadership of the Cult is just as mysterious as its origins – no-one knows who it is that arranges the Cult’s
activities, if anyone does.

The Cult is usually represented by a single individual, a “Minister”, who travels between villages and towns,
carrying the message of what they refer to as “the true path of Humanity”.

Living Conditions

The Cult members live as others on Gaia do. They are often kept in relative luxury by populations they have
turned to the Cult, respected for the doctrine and promise they bring.

Ministers who have not yet converted anyone live as the Runners and other travellers do – moving from one
place to another, while other members of the Cult usually continue their lives as normal until an opportunity
arises to spread the Infection.


Recruitment is the function of the Ministers within the Cult and they are provided with great autonomy.


The Cult of Progression is considered extremely dangerous by many and its Ministers are not welcome in City
or anywhere that the Defenders operate. The Cult is directly opposed to the Nihilists, who would rather wipe out
Humanity than see it Infected.

It often works with Potestates, each faction using the other for its own ends – while Potestates members feel
that they are duping the Cult into helping them, they forget that the Cult wants Potestates to Infect as many
people as possible!

While they often take the roles of Raiders, they are not known to be allied to any particular Raider groups.