Founding and Background

The Defenders are a noble group of Warriors who fight all threats to Human life on Gaia: Infected of all shapes
and sizes, as well as groups such as Nihilists, Potestates and Raiders. They bolster the forces of towns under
attack, pre-emptively strike at large groups of enemies and work to harass the enemies of Humanity while they

For as long as anyone can remember, Warriors have roamed the more dangerous areas of Gaia, fighting
Raiders and Infected wherever they threaten the few remaining Humans. To unite these Warriors into the
movement we now call the Defenders, it took a man of exceptional charisma and skill, Philip Kerr.

Philip started out as one of the defending Warriors of Highway 101 – he was a daring and inspiring leader who
was never going to be allowed to spread the safety his men could offer further than the defensive walls of his
home town. Rebelling against the authorities that controlled those Warriors, he convinced several others to
leave the safety of the town and take the fight to a band of Raiders that were camped nearby, as a pre-emptive
action. After defeating this party of Raiders, Philip and his party were forbidden from returning home, as they
had failed to follow orders. They elected, however, to wipe out all nearby threats in an attempt to make Highway
101 safer.

As they continued their activities, they grew in numbers (mostly fellow Warriors from Highway 101 and
Crossroads) until the threats against Highway 101 were reduced. At this point, Philip decided to expand the
operations of the Defenders. 10 years ago, he marched into the town of Riverbed – no doubt chosen because
of its history with the White Cross – and declared that the Defenders would be working to prevent any attacks
on the areas surrounding the town. They refused to accept hospitality, preferring to camp outside the town.
They also did not allow any of the town’s own Warriors to join the Defenders, explaining that this would weaken
the town itself, and some Infected may slip past them. These clever – and politically-savvy – decisions put them
in favour with the local officials.

Before long, word spread about the Defenders’ existence and they were inundated with volunteers, mostly
young men and women who wanted to prove their abilities against the Infected. As the movement grew, they
were able to spread over a wider area until they could provide protection to most of the major settlements of
Gaia. They were quickly recognised by all towns as a force for Humanity and are now welcomed both for their
expertise and their abilities wherever they roam. They now patrol the borders of Infected-controlled areas,
attempting to repel them, keeping a buffer zone between the creatures and the major part of Humanity. As a
result, many compare the Defenders to the White Cross – they risk their lives to help the remaining Humans on
Gaia live longer.


Philip Kerr is still the leader of the Defenders and is an example of the best they have to offer. Charismatic and
an expert marksman, he is credited with over 80 Infected kills. There are many stories of bounties being raised
on him – presumably by Raiders – which no-one even tries to collect on, either because they’re scared of what
the Defenders would do to them or because they respect the Defenders and what they do too much!

Each section of Defenders has its own leader, individuals who vary in personality and skill: they range from
more experienced tacticians with less field experience to field commanders who have been promoted in
recognition of their ability.

Living Conditions

The Defenders live in basic conditions: sleeping on the ground, keeping fit and fighting any Infected or Raiders
they come across. They live off bounties and aid given to them by the towns they protect and have no specific
base of operations.


Large numbers of young people wish to join the Defenders but only the strongest and fittest are accepted into
their ranks.


They have an excellent relationship with most of Humanity, especially with the White Cross and similar groups.
They maintain a cold tolerance with City and the Sisterhood of Pyrus, and they actively fight Infected, Cult of
Progression, Nihilists, Potestates and Raiders wherever they find them.