Organisation of Friends

Founding and Background
The group that runs City, known as the Organisation of Friends, is viewed by most of the rest of the factions as
a criminal group. However, it is tolerated by most nearby towns, as it has more military might than any of the
other settlements around.

The Organisation of Friends was founded almost 80 years ago when City was first discovered to be remote
enough to be mostly free of Infection. After clearing out City of any remaining Infected, the Organisation
secured the islands with state of the art defences before allowing people to enter. Before long, many individuals
with nowhere else to go flocked to City. It became a thriving area, with people of all kinds there, ruled absolutely
by the Organisation’s representatives. It was not long after this that the Organisation’s senior representatives
relocated into the exclusive upper floors, seldom to be seen again by anyone not directly serving them.

For the Organisation, profitability is key: it focuses on running a business. Gambling is legal, as is prostitution
and most other forms of goods or services which can be exchanged for Brass – the Organisation takes a
10% cut of every transaction and evasion of this tax is severely punishable. All forms of business are carefully
controlled by the Organisation to ensure they don’t lose profit; you may gamble, but not with anyone who is not
licensed by the Organisation, for example.

Although some things (particularly dangerous or high-grade weapons) are not legally allowed by the
Organisation, City runs its own black market to allow those who are willing and able to pay to obtain these
– everything from the services of hitmen to Grenade Launchers. It is rumoured that this is how Raiders and
Nihilists obtain their weapons but with no world authority to get involved, no-one has the power to stand up to
the Organisation.

The Organisation of Friends is widely viewed as depraved and the primary reason that City is as bad as it is. In
general, though, providing people don’t cross anyone high up in the Organisation (or are willing to pay them off
if they do), they will leave the population alone.


The Organisation of Friends is directed by a group of mysterious individuals who live on the upper floors of
the towers of City and seldom emerge. This group has absolute power over City and makes any necessary
decisions for the rest of the population.

Any orders from the Organisation are distributed through low-level officials that are hired, whether to the
population in general or to the soldiers who patrol the corridors. On very rare occasions, individuals who have
impressed senior members of the Organisation may be summoned to the upper floors to speak with them

Living Conditions

The living conditions of a member of the Organisation of Friends varies wildly depending on their seniority: the
senior members are rumoured to have huge flats with every luxury, from electricity to running water, along with
any food, entertainment or items they desire. Low-level officials, on the other hand, live on lower floors in the
towers with less luxury, although still more than the average citizen could hope for.


How the Organisation of Friends chooses its members remains a mystery to outsiders, though it seems likely
that the Organisation favours those who serve it well!


While most of the population of Gaia feel that the Organisation of Friends is a criminal group, very little can be
done about it, as it has more military might than most factions can muster.

Instead, all those who have visited City are treated with disdain by the rest of the population – they are
considered to have been tainted by the Organisation’s corrupt and immoral touch.