University of Planet

Founding and Background

The University of Planet was established shortly after the Cataclysm by a group of scientists who escaped
the devastation. It is entirely contained within Base 9 – a bunker at the base of a cliff, extremely well-fortified,
which has been maintained for the past 100 years. Those who live there work for one purpose: destroying the
Parasites and saving Humanity.

The University of Planet is effectively an underground town and, as a result, has Warriors, Hunters and all the
infrastructure that a town needs to support the contingent of researchers who work each day to save Humanity
from its fate.

The scientists are now the third generation working on the problem, carefully bred to create the best minds
and are undoubtedly the greatest intellectuals on the planet. The knowledge gained and the skills needed are
passed from generation to generation by apprenticeship – each child is assigned duties from a young age, a
necessity for survival in such an environment.


No-one really knows what goes on behind the walls of the University of Planet. Logically, at the top of the
organisation there is a great intellectual leader with the vision to continue their search for a cure… but no-one
knows for sure.

Living Conditions

There have been a small number of individuals who have escaped Base 9 in the last 40 years. They claim
that living conditions are idyllic: indoor gardens and farms, lit by electrical power from a nuclear generator, and
animals raised in battery farms to feed the population of the huge facility. The scientists are free to focus on
work while the remaining population ensure the infrastructure around them continues to function.


Base 9 is almost constantly under attack by Infected, the Sisterhood of Pyrus (which wants the facilities for
itself) and various groups of opportunistic Raiders who believe that a bunch of scientists raised in such security
cannot fight back. As a result, the University of Planet seldom allows anyone to enter and prevents people from
leaving: it maintains its seclusion with a large, reinforced blast door. Instead, the organisation plans ahead and
assigns breeding pairs as needed, in order to maintain the population at the levels needed to keep Base 9


The University of Planet, as an institution, is viewed by most as a crazy and pointless endeavour – anyone who
watches how the Parasites are expanding knows that Humanity doesn’t have time to find a cure. In particular,
there is a strong rivalry between the University and the White Cross. The University scientists view the White
Cross to be treating the symptoms rather than the problem – an obviously pointless battle in their opinion.