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Abnoab is the only moon of Sucellos large enough to have biodomes legally constructed. It was originally colonised to be an agricultural colony to reduce the pressure to produce food on Taranis, while C&C: Colonisation and Construction attempted to push for the full urbanisation of the planet.

However, in 74CE, it was redesignated as a Free Market world in order to maintain some financial control over the Outsystem Combine. The laws passed at that time were only agreed to by the Combine under the condition they could not be repealed without a majority in a democratic vote from all of Abnoab’s population, and so they have maintained for nearly 400 years.

There is no majority corporate presence on this world; the Senate owns the planet officially and leases separate areas to whichever companies pay the most, on an auction basis. As a result, many companies have warehouses or light industrial areas on this world if they cannot afford Taranis. Lugh Chartered Records is charged with the administration of the planet, allowing the buying and selling of anything and everything produced within the Consortium, whether it is legal or illegal elsewhere.


The majority of the planet is covered with biodomes filled with electronics factories, most of which have their own landing pads for easy transportation. There several large biodomes surrounding the main spaceport, constituting a giant marketplace which welcomes everyone who wishes to trade. Trading is strictly monitored and controlled by Lugh Chartered Records to ensure no counterfeit items are sold, and it is generally believed that black market activity on this world is kept to a minimum.


The population of Abnoab is extremely varied. Every species and background is represented in the Market, selling their wares, from natives of Nodens to representatives of Smertios Security.


The laws on Abnoab are very specific and limited, particularly concerning sales – any item or service can be bought or sold in this system by anyone. Weapon purchase is permitted, but weapons must be in crates which are sealed at all times with official seals, and may only be opened in specific areas and in the presence of a Lugh Chartered Records representative. Also notable is the fact that it is illegal for Smertios Security to inspect the cargo of any individual coming or going. They maintain a space station in orbit, but its official function is for planetary defence only.


Petty crime is quite common on Abnoab, due to the lack of enforcement, but most people there have learned to look after themselves. Lugh Chartered Records troops will arrest violent offenders and hand them over to Smertios Security’s custody. The odd tourist being pickpocketed because they didn’t pay enough attention, however, is beneath their notice.


Poverty is quite extensive on Abnoab and, as on Taranis, many of those afflicted beg, contract themselves out as temporary labour, or turn to prostitution or petty crime to survive. They are considered by Lugh Chartered Records as other types of Open Market traders, and ignored.


Abnoab has a consistent level of technological service provided in return for the rental prices paid.