History in Profiles: Jitalakanka


Equality. Justice. Death.

The Consortium universe is a living breathing world much like our own today. The citizens of its world struggle with injustice in the face of inequality and none more obviously than the Ximian Jitalakanka. In the year 260 CE, life in The Consortium was slowly returning to normal as Humans, Eukutians and Ximians worked to create a world where they would live together in peace. One event… one media frenzied, justice blurred event changed all that.

It started out like any other day for Jitalakanka. Go to work, come back to his one bedroom apartment and feed his aquarium of fish. However, on this particular day he happened to meet an old man. The man went on at length explaining to Jitalakanka how he was losing his faculties one at a time. His strength, his mind and ultimately his life were slowly and painfully fading away. This sort of thing wasn’t rare to the Ximians. Their society has an efficient and merciful way to address these kinds of situations and any Ximian who heard this man’s sad tale might have done what Jitalakanka did next.

In an act of mercy which was meant to not only ease the old man’s suffering but also stem his drain on society, Jitalakanka took the man’s life. This one act caught like a spark in dry brush and soon engulfed the Consortium. The trial was a media blitz and a jury of humans were quick to condemn the act as murder. They committed the Ximian to life imprisonment on Sirona and thus threatened the fledgling peace which held the Consortium together.

To take a man’s life must be called murder but, when that life is filled with pain and misery, can it also be called mercy?