Moritasgas Pharmaceuticals

Founding and Domain:

Since 20CE, Moritasgas Pharmaceuticals has created medicines and chemicals for the Consortium. Over the lifetime of the Consortium, it has gradually taken control of other companies until it gained a monopoly in this domain. It also conducts some of the most advanced biological research in the Consortium and grows luxury food in special biodomes on their home planet of Luxovius.

Unlike many of the other companies in the Consortium, Moritasgas Pharmaceuticals confines almost all of its influence and activity to only three planets: Luxovius, Abnoab and Taranis. Luxovius is their company world, on which they maintain a large technology gradient – they conduct experiments in special science domes shielded from observation and employ workers to grow food in their elongated farming design biodomes.

They maintain a presence on Taranis, running exclusive hospitals and medical clinics for those who can afford their exorbitant rates, offering the highest quality care available anywhere in the Consortium. The luxury food that the company sells makes the company significant profit, and the biological and viral research conducted, while ostensibly for the good of the Consortium brings them in large amounts of money.

There are many rumours of biological and viral weapon research, which are in fact true, although no-one has any proof. The Resistance claims that the anti-alien weapons encountered by Stiletto Unit in 446CE were created by Moritasgas Pharmaceuticals, and have claimed credit for attacks on several of their factories on Luxovius, claiming to be disrupting this production.


Executive Structure:

In the executive structure of Moritasgas Pharmaceuticals, there are five positions at the top with overlapping job descriptions. When a new person is appointed to any of these positions, the five of them sit together and divide the responsibilities of running the company according to personal ability. As a result, the CEO is not always the representative on the Big Eight. Although this is a slightly unusual approach, there has not been any complaint from the other members of the Big Eight in over 400 years of following this structure.



As with the rest of the Big Eight, they rely on Hardcastle Haulage to transport their products all over the Consortium.

They have an intermittent relationship with Open Technology, with whom they have collaborated on bionics projects in the past, but whom they feel stole the credit for Cranial Implants.

Of the Big Eight, they are the most opposed to expansion. They are happy with progress in their field, but the upper
management dislike the expansion of Humanity, preferring to use traditional methods wherever it is possible.