Ximian Detection

By James Bruce

FAO: Kara Hayden, Hayden Bank Liaison on Abnoab

Ms Hayden,

Sorry, I realise this is a bit sudden. Given the number of hoaxes we’ve had in the decades since encountering the Eulutians, please, watch this thirty second visual clip before I state what we know:

[Attachment: Insectoid sentients.euvid]

Thank you. I realise it’s an unusual request – but I wouldn’t believe me on this without at least some proof.

Orbital observation shows a few different settlements on the planet, all within 50 miles of each other. The largest of these “hives” is the one we investigated closely.

We’ve observed spaceflight capacity, at least on par with the Consortium in general – see attached pictures of the facility we observed, which contained multiple examples of an unknown configuration of shuttle. We saw two arrivals and one departure over the week of observation, which seemed to originate from other groups on this world.

The species itself… I’m not sure if it’s one species or several. The majority of those we saw were six-limbed, walking on the back four and using the front two as graspers or arms. We also observed some bipedal examples, where the middle limbs seemed atrophied – top limbs were still arms, and rear legs were used for walking. We also observed what might be another type of quadruped – we aren’t sure. It stood taller with a more upright neck and, to my surprise, I got a shot of this one with what seems to be jewelry:

[Attachment: Bugman with necklace.spng]

There’s others whose necks seem to curve more, facing downwards, somewhat shorter in stature. Not sure if this is a separate xenotype or just a common deviation amongst the quadrupeds.

We haven’t confirmed whether it’s one species or several; whether the biped-versus-quadruped might be sexual dimorphism or something different. The craziest theory we’ve had flying about was that the quadrupeds were drones, like in an ant or bee hive, but that seems farfetched.

At this point I’ll admit to breaking protocol somewhat, but I felt the need to get more evidence given last year’s “plant-man” hoax – video shot (from fifty miles away, so excuse the graininess) of apparent communication.

[Attachment: Hauling orbs out of a shuttle.euvid]

Sorry for the audio in the last minute or so, the parabolic microphone packed up and we’ve not been able to repair it. But from the looks of it, after compensating for speed of sound and a bit of sound editing, here’s what we have:

[Attachment: Quartermaster and loading bay clicker conversation?.euvid]

The bipartite jaw and mandible movements seem too well-timed to be coincidence. I firmly believe that they’ve got verbal communication.

The fact that the quadrupeds are clicking back at the bipeds, and amongst each other, suggests to me they’re not drones or an underclass.

The evidence we’ve got stacks up too well – I know it sounds like some xeno-fiction writer’s dream, but as implausible as it sounds, I think we’re on to something.

Full attachment of our surveillance data follows.

Ms Hayden, I know it’s not my place to suggest such a thing, but in my professional opinion – we need to get some specialists here for a full First Contact scenario. We’ve done all we can here.

Yours sincerely,
Darren Hawes (Freelancer Delta-17-Foxtrot)


[Bugman with necklace.spng]
[Drone camera 1 data, 184-08-24 to 184-08-27.spzip]
[Drone camera 2 data, 184-08-28 to 184-31-27.spzip]
[Hauling orbs out of a shuttle.euvid]
[Insectoid Sentients.euvid]

[Orbital Surveillance Data, 184-08-22 to 184-09-01.spzip]
[Parabolic mic data, 184-08-25 to 184-08-28.spzip]
[Quartermaster and loading bay clicker conversation.euvid]