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Shades of Vengeance Creations





An RPG which follows a colony ship in the far future
and its passengers. 500 years of exploration,
civilisation and war, ending in a fight for survival!
An RPG which follows the events
surrounding “Empowered”, individuals
with superhuman abilities. COMING SOON!
A Low Fantasy RPG about convincing
people that you are adventurers
by telling stories of your exploits!





An RPG set in a post-apocalyptic world where
humanity fights for survival, avoiding Infection
and the various factions which want to control them!
An RPG in which you try to earn your
name as a warrior! Explore the Isle
of Silence and gain amazing abilities.
A card game where you must defend
Earth from an alien invasion!
Become the Champion of Earth!



Shades of Vengeance Productions

Amazing Space Adventures Cropped Link Logo
Classic Science Fiction – explore the
Solar System as Heinlein, Clarke,
Asimov and Brabury saw it!
Protect the multiverse from imbalances… no
matter where or when they occur. Fight with
a sword one day and a disruptor rifle the next.
Assassinate your targets with technology, magic
or plain cunning; the choice is yours!
A Fate Module encouraging teamwork!



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