Marked For Death

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Marked for Death is a (moderately comedic) FATE module about assassins and their contracts.

– Fireballs and other magic!
– High-value targets!
– A total lack of choice in who you kill!
– Oh so many total party kills!
– And did I mention fireballs?”

Want to take down your target with magic? Long distance with a bow? Up close and personal? Your choice!



The game contains areas of expansion on the FATE Core rules, intended to make it more difficult than an average FATE game, by penalising people working on their own. Missions are designed to force the group to work as a team, and deadly consequences can ensue if that doesn’t happen!

Of course, deadly consequences also ensue if it does… but those are the ones the player is hoping for!



Kickstarter Backers

Chirag Asnani, Phillip Bailey, Nathan Barber, Aviv Beeri, Magnus Bergqvist, B. Bredthauer, Stephanie Bryant, Gregory Chandler, Tim Ellis, Zono Eyah, Brenden Fettis, Edward Da Fonseca, Iulia Gherman, Ghost, Terry L. Gilbert, Jr., Mitchell Giles, Jack Gulick, Benedict Harcourt, James Husum, Jeff John, Aaron Jones, Lee and Keri Keasal, Kit Keighley, Ed Kowalczewski, Marcel Lotz, Marc Margelli, Tom Mitchell, Nimbral, Teppo Pennanen, Brian S Piorkowski, Frédéri “Volk Kommissar Friedrich” POCHARD, Random, Tom Rivlin, Fredrik R Sellevold, Ted Swalwell, David Terhune, Tytnt, Duncan Usher-McGee, Zeb Walker, Timothy J. Watkins, SE Weaver, wraith808

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Character Sheets are downloadable here!

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