Order of the Link

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The Game

The Order of the Link offers players the chance to be a force for balance in the multiverse.

Offering the opportunity to hop between universes, righting imbalances, The Order of the Link allows the players to experience Fantasy, Science Fiction and Modern settings… and to play a different one in consecutive sessions using the same character!


The Story

For thousands of years, the multiverse has been protected by a small group who prevent imbalances and incursions from one universe into another.

A mystical and psionic intelligence called “The Oracle” allows the individuals from the Order to sense these disruptions and travel there via a teleporting link to restore the balance between universes. Of course, not all disruptions are obviously negative on inspection, but…
The balance must be maintained.

If you want to know more about the story of The Order of the Link, visit the game website.


Rule Set

The Link roleplaying system has been in existence since the early 1980’s and has been improved upon constantly – for over 30 years! – to create the most streamlined and immersive roleplaying experience possible.

Using various dice types from d4 to d20, the system manages past, present and future with equal ease.



The Order of the Link Kickstarter was successful!

You can find a list of backers here.
You can find a list of 25 sample characters here.

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