Era: Survival Definitive Edition Rulebook – Digital


It’s been a century, 100 years, since the cataclysm. A parasite emerged – no-one really knows whether it evolved, or whether a biological weapon was set off… and, frankly, no-one really cares any more. It was airborne, infectious and affected anything warm-blooded. Civilisation vanished within a year.

Humanity is a dying race now. What little there is left have splintered into factions, each with a very different idea on how to survive the post-apocalypse.
Enter the world of Gaia and try to survive in this enhanced version of the Era: Survival Core Rulebook. Including both the critically acclaimed expansions Infected Manual and Tales of the Outlands, along with some extra material for the GM, the Definitive Edition Rulebook offers the best experience of Era: Survival!