Enter a world that looks much the same as our own, except the legends are all true - vampires, werewolves, and magic all exist in Era: Legends, and you have the chance to become part of their society, or join the humans and their many factions who look to purge these creatures from existence. Play through the story and shape it with your choices in this tabletop roleplaying game.

While the hardy human population exists all over, the lines have been drawn for supernatural beings, with witches and warlocks in the West, werewolves to the East, and Vampires congregating in the center of population.

Humans are well aware of the existence of these fearsome supernatural beings in their respective areas, though the existence of other regions' creatures seem like mere myths to them.

You can choose to become one of these supernatural beings, who are part of a secret war that's been constantly raging for thousands of years, or join the humans and their various factions in the fight against all things supernatural.

Our critically acclaimed Era d10 Rule Set serves as an unobtrusive but detailed guide to help you through character creation and while playing the game.