Become a deadly hitman with world-changing superpowers in the tabletop roleplaying game Era: Hitman. This is no ordinary assassin game though, as you and your friends have to not only navigate the dangers of killing high-profile targets but also have to deal with the fallout from your powers. They may make life easier - or they may complicate a job even more.

Play with our critically acclaimed Era d10 rule set along with a list of potential kinetic powers, which allow various abilities. With these, you can give your character the ability to control fire or manipulate time.

Your character's powers have a limited use and are controlled by your Kinetic Points. As they are used more in a mission, the powers become less effective.

Era: Hitman allows all of the freedom of a tabletop RPG with detailed stories and settings. But you'll have to be careful if you want to get your target and escape alive.

Don't worry about retribution once you escape the scene of the crime - the Guild and the scrubbers have your back. Start playing Era: Hitman by getting the Rulebook on our store.