Explore a vast and intricate post-apocalyptic future in tabletop roleplaying game Era: Survival, where society as we know it was shattered over a hundred years ago. An unknown virus, or maybe it was a parasite, changed most of the warm-blooded creatures on Gaia into mutants and shambling zombies. No one really cares how it started - all that matters now is survival. Try our free quickstart guide and see Era: Survival for yourself!

The world may be dead, but have your imagination come alive with lots of detailed resources for the settings and factions, and a straightforward set of rules for Era: Survival.

Become a Raider who preys on the weak or join the Scavengers in searching ruined cities. You might even discover a pre-cataclysm vault full of treasure!

Gaia has a lot of unique stories and undiscovered territories to offer. Explore more of the grim, post-apocalyptic world of Gaia Gaia with 3 unique expansions.

Play with pre-made characters and stories or flesh out this undead setting with your own protagonists and adventures. Find out more about the world of Era: Survival and its characters here.