Era: The Consortium is a tabletop role-playing game featuring an expansive sci-fi universe to explore. With a detailed story spanning 500 years, there are lots of unique settings to explore and new alien races, characters, and technology to discover. You'll have the chance to fight in galactic wars, make choices that shape the outcome of society, and determine the future of the Taranis colony. Want to know more about the world of The Consortium and its inhabitants? Check out our comics.

Era: The Consortium is a versatile role-playing tabletop game that allows you and your friends to become immersed in a futuristic society spanning three solar systems and 500 years of history.

The game offers colorful characters and settings, varied stories and sci-fi subgenres to work through, and an easy to follow rulebook featuring our critically acclaimed Era d10 Rule Set. Read up on the history of the Consortium, its races, and planets here.

Era: The Consortium will soon be celebrating its fith anniversary and players have been taking advantage of the flexibility the game offers to live out diverse sci-fi adventures since its inception.

We've expanded the rich world of Era: The Consortium with two big waves of expansions, called a Unviverse of Expansions 1 & 2, that added 13 expansions total and even more detailed stories and subgenres to the game over a span of two years.