When aliens decide to invade, saving the earth is just a bonus. What really matters is winning a wager with your friends by racking up the most kills. Champion of Earth is a fast-paced card game where you can become said Champion by being the very best fighter around - or at least by making sure your friends aren't. Try Champion of Earth now with our free quickstart pack.

Aliens are invading and they aren't alone. They've been waking up the dead and teaming up with other nefarious creatures to bolster their armies.

You and your friends are the very last capable fighters around, and the only line of defense against the evil saucer-men and their newly risen teammates.

Use your wits and the various unique tools you come by (some with awesome bonuses) to annihilate the most aliens and beat your friends by sabotaging their efforts to become the ultimate Champion of Earth.

An easy to pick up and play cardgame, Champion of Earth is small enough to take along and challenge anyone on the go. The Champion of Earth core deck and expansions are available on our store.