A busy week for Shades of Vengeance!

Hi everyone!

Between signing with Sanchit Sharma for the development of Marked For Death (See Amy’s post from yesterday for more details!) and getting Era: Lyres moving along towards a state of completion, It’s been quite a week!

I’ve not forgotten Era: The Consortium, of course, and I’ve made a few minor proofreading changes (very boring, but very beneficial, I promise!). The Primer version is just being laid out, alongside the Full Rulebook (which is also almost finished), ready for the proof printing so I can get those shipped out soon.

I’ve been working with John Serembe, the creator of Order of the Link on some editing of his story material, and we’re just getting the first bits of artwork in. We’ll be hoping to show you some of that before too long.

Finally, I’ve confirmed our attendance to conventions in 2015 this week, apart from Animé North, which we’re still working on!

Busy week, huh?

I’m very happy to be looking forward to the conventions this year with so many games being made available to you guys!

– Ed

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