About Us


What is Shades of Vengeance?

We are a company with a simple aim – we wish to produce original Roleplaying Games that give you a great experience!

We do this in two ways:

  • Our creative team invent games! We’ve got 2 completed so far and more on the way.
  • We help people with game ideas make them into a reality! We’ve had 3 successes already and there are several more on the way!

What we do not do, if you are a Game Creator who comes to us, is buy your idea off you.

We will help you produce your game, you have the last say on any aspect and, at the end of our collaboration, the book remains your Intellectual Property – you invented it, after all!

We are always eager to help people develop their ideas into games. If you would like to work with us, please visit our Game Creator page and fill out the form to contact us.

What do you offer?

We offer many and varied things, all intended to help you complete your game. You can find a complete list of the services we can provide here.

Sounds great! I have this idea…

If you want us to help you produce a game idea you have, we have a variety of options, which you can speak to one of our team about by clicking here.

Okay, but I don’t have very much money…

That’s fine; we certainly didn’t have enough to produce our first game when we started. What we can do is help you run a Kickstarter (example) to gain funding in return for a small portion of the profits.

Every deal we make is unique and tailored to you, so we can suit what you need.

Awesome! Except my game’s not finished.

This is also something we’ve allowed for. We can provide you with assistance to finish your game. We have a team of writers, artists, programmers, layout guys and marketing people.

And we’re all here to help you make your game a reality.

I’m not sure my idea is good enough, really…

Every idea has value and can be made into part or all of a great game which people will enjoy.

Don’t decide not to contact us because you’re too unsure of your idea, please!

We’ll help you get it ready. We have game creators in our company with experience who are willing to help you achieve your vision.

How about longer term than the Kickstarter?

I want to keep selling my book.

We are currently working with a small group of stores across the world to publish Shades of Vengeance books.

We will be happy to talk with them about your book and work with both parties to get it on the shelves.

We will also offer it on our Store and give you a share of any profits.

Finally, you will own the IP of the book, so anything you would like to do to sell it yourself is fine!

What games has Shades of Vengeance helped to make?

Since our company formation in February 2014, we’ve finished creating two games:

Era: The Consortium is a Sci-Fi game with a staggering 500 years of playable history!

Era: Lyres is a game about telling stories of your great adventures… when you never actually had any!

In addition, we are currently working with game creators to produce their games:

Amazing Space Adventures ended its Kickstarter at 125% funded.

Order of the Link ended its Kickstarter at 736% funded.

Marked for Death ended its Kickstarter at just under 200% funded.

Frontier is an ambitious Sci-Fi game which is under development!

We’re hoping to encounter more people looking to get their games out there. If you think you might be interested, check out our Game Creator page to open a dialogue.

You can find all games which are available or under development here.

The Team

Ed Jowett – Creator, Lead Writer, Rulesmith, Project Manager, Concept Artist, Designer, Playtest GM, Webmaster and “Whatever else comes up!”

Johnathan Lewis – Head of Marketing, Co-Writer and Editor

Alistair Bigos – Business Management

Amy Allworden – Oracle, Writer

Freddie Rawlins – Game Development Assistant

Leo Cosh – Sound Designer and Project Administrator

Drew Spencley – Creative Consultant, Legal and Canadian Operations