Another Comic Is On The Way – The Oracle

The world of the Empowered has been brought to life through several full-color illustrated comics. So far, we’ve mainly followed the stories of Lacuna and Penumbra, two of our charismatic super powered figures, as they’ve grown in their abilities and taken on new adventures. Today I’m excited to introduce to you another.

Blue-shift will be getting her very own comic and it’s coming soon! This super fast hero has a unique story all her own and we can’t wait to see what you think of our speedster. Blue-shift appears regularly in the world-building stories of the Empowered core rulebook. She’s a great asset to the team and at times a much-needed voice of reason when the group starts to get a bit wild.

Here’s an image of Blue-shift: the comic’s cover. It’s looking fabulous already!

You can find more updates on this upcoming comic as well as additional images of Blue-shift and other Empowered news by joining the Facebook group,

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That’s all the pressing news I have for you today. Come back on Saturday for a Consortium History in Profiles where I give out some in-depth details about one of the Consortium’s most notable personalities.

See you then!