Battlecruiser Alamo Kickstarter Has Launched! – The Oracle

The first days of the Battlecruiser Alamo Kickstarter have already been great. This fantastic RPG based on Richard Tongue’s expansive military sci-fi novel series is your first-ever chance to experience the author’s vision of his universe through an immersive style of gaming. There will even be some newly added details that everyone, including steady followers of the novels, will find revealing. Come check out this latest game developed with the Shades of Vengeance team!

In Era: The Empowered core rulebook news I’m happy to report that the team is currently finishing up the last of the background stories as well as loads of artwork and layout. All these things are happening at the same time which has been keeping the entire team hopping quite a bit! Our featured image today comes from this very rulebook.

This is Harbinger’s Faction. If you like to define things into good vs evil or heroes vs villains, these folks would be our “villains” in the Empowered universe. Taken from their faction description page you’ll see: Harbinger, Monolith, Vigilance, the Necromancer (who is featured in the Blue-Shift comic), Retrospect and Hephaestus (who has something of a part in the Violete comic). Our heroes get plenty of time to show off so we decided it was only fair that we bring out the other side for you as well.

The whole team is hard at work trying to finish this book in time to have it printed and ready for the May MCM Comicon event! You’ve already got your plans made and tickets purchased, right? I have a special bit of MCM news that I’ll be sharing with you this weekend once Ed has had a chance to confirm so head back here on Saturday to make sure you don’t miss out!

That’s all I have for today, I’ll see you on Saturday for a full day of MCM news!