Blue-Shifting our way back onto your shelves!

A year ago, Blue-Shift launched on Kickstarter, speeding onto our shelves and into our hearts. Her adventure with Shira, Daniel, Cosh and the Necromancer has received critical acclaim from many and it has become one of the most sought-after comics we have ever written.

Well, it’s happening again! We couldn’t let this day go unmarked without giving Blue-Shift the chance to resolve the leftover threads from her last issue. Blue-Shift #2 is therefore on Kickstarter now!

“Blue-Shift #2: Mindgames” is the first in our “sequel” trilogy, which follows up on our favourite speedster, as well as Violete and gives Penumbra her own issue in this section of the continuity.

Of course, that gives us (at least) four characters, which means we’re going to be heading for…

Well, I’ll leave that to your imagination! But check out Blue-Shift #2 if you want not only an awesome comic, but to follow the next steps in our journey through the Empowered universe!

– Ed