Brass Tacks and All That – The Oracle

Things are wrapping up in the world of The Secret War expansion. We’ve got the cover image finished and the content is entirely sorted. We’re simply waiting on the last few pieces of artwork before we can call this project good and done. Are you ready to choose which side of this war you’re going to be on?

When everything is polished and set for production we’re going to send this game through Kickstarter. It will be your first chance to get a copy of the expansion and we’re doing our best to think of all the things you might want to see as a reward for supporting us. Along with several fabulous tiers of digital and physical copies we will also be offering a Consortium bundle. If you’ve been watching us and waiting for the chance to jump into the fun… this is it! We’ll have both the expansion and the original rulebook offered as rewards so you can see where it all began, and the comics that we’ve published to date!

I know you’re going to enjoy this and I can’t wait to show you more.

I’ll be back next week with more updates!


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