Champion of Earth Day One – Manananggal

Hi everyone!

The Kickstarter is off to a great start and I thought I’d start our journey with Manananggal.

Undead – Manananggal

Some of you might not be familiar with this creature, which is what you might call a “Filipino vampire”. I wanted to mention it because it’s a great example of how I wanted to reach slightly outside of the typical box.

It’s able to separate at night and the top half flies around, seeking prey. The bottom half is more vulnerable, but is able to run away from attackers if needed!

I think it would be quite rare to see this creature in a game. I particularly wanted to include it for exactly that reason. It’s very rarely been recognised, but one player at Dragonmeet 2016 noticed it, knew what it was and commented that it was nice to see non-Western stories being represented as well.

For its existence, I can only thank my wife, Mac, who educated me on the subject!

I’m pleased to present this card as a level 5 (slightly higher end of middle level) enemy which players will face in Champion of Earth!

– Ed