Champion Of Earth Special News Edition- The Oracle

Welcome to the special in-depth news edition featuring Shades of Vengeance’s first ever card game, Champion of Earth. If this is the first you’re hearing about this game, I have a ton of great information for you and if you’re one of our fans who’ve kept up to date with every single announcement, I’ve even got some unique details for you too. So, let’s get started!

Champion of Earth is set in a world where aliens have come to Earth but these aren’t your average sightseeing, tourist aliens. These outer space invaders have gotten right to work raising the undead and calling horrific creatures from the shadows. Sounds like fun, right?

You will play as one of 6 heroes who must stop the invasion. Enemies have numbers that you’ll need to match or exceed using your equipment cards in order to defeat your opponents. It sounds easy but the amount of enemies you face can grow quickly so you’re going to have to work as a team to keep their numbers down!

Your enemies vary and could be anything from an alien mothership, to dragons and ogres, even zombies and liches. You’ll need some serious firepower to fight these creatures, but we’ve got you covered with things like a Mind Control Collar, Illegal Power Line Tap and even a Nuke! This may sound a bit like overkill but the winner of the game is determined as the one who has the most kills at the end, even if that character dies. The game has a not-too-serious, fast playing style that we think you’ll enjoy.

Champion of Earth has a ton of fun elements, creative design, and fabulous artwork. We’re excited to get this out to you so Ed and the team are working hard to have it finished before our first convention of the year, at the end of May. Crossing all fingers and toes, you’ll be able to nuke your first ogre before summer!

That’s almost it for the big special edition. I’m going to leave off today with a selection of artwork. Every time Ed sends over a batch of these cards there is something new to enjoy. I can’t decide which one is my favourite. It could be the cutest baby alien I’ve ever seen. Then again, killing zombies with something that looks like a bug zapper seems like a whole lot of fun. What about you, which one is your favourite?

Creature – Wererabbit Alien – Crying Alien Baby (1) Alien – Alien Cultist (1) Alien – Alien Colonist (1) Undead – Zombie Dog (1) Undead – Mummy (1) Creature – Werewolf puppy (1) Illegal Power Line tap (1) Segway (1)

Until next time!