Your chance to get Era: The Consortium Expansions! – The Oracle

So, you’ve heard me talking over the past few weeks about several of our fantastic Consortium Expansions. If you didn’t get a chance to jump into our Expansion Kickstarter you might’ve been feeling a little left out. Well, worry no more because Ed has just confirmed that various Consortium Expansion books are going to be showing up on our online store very soon! Keep an eye out on that page because this is the first time that anyone who didn’t join the Kickstarter will have a chance at this incredible collection. []

Work is progressing to finish the last of the Expansion books. Revival is coming along but it’s certainly not the only thing that Ed is working on right now. He’s already thinking about the next set of Consortium expansions. If you’ll recall, we had plans for 30 expansions! We still want to make those books for you and Ed is gearing up to release another Expansion Kickstarter towards the end of this year. More great books to close out 2017!

Alongside finishing the Revival book and starting these new expansions, Ed is also working on a new Consortium comic. This upcoming book will be Part 1 of a planned 5 book series called the Bug War Anthology and will feature a character I’m sure you’re all familiar with, Hai-Xang Hayden. Keep watching this page for more details as we get closer to this Kickstarter. I’ll leave you today with the cover image, there’s plenty happening during the Bug War and I can’t wait to see where this leads!

Hai-Xang Cover

That’s it for news today, I’ll see you next week!