Hi everyone!

I’ll get back to another of the clans soon, but by now, you’re probably wanting a little more information on what the Anonassi are.

They are the denizens of the dark dimension known as “Erebus”. Upon discovering the Lost Lands and the humans who live within it, they conquered it and began to encroach on our universe, which we refer to as “Aether”.

The Anonassi is a collective term for many forms of warrior from that dimension. Pictured here is the “Brute”, but there are many other types which I’ll introduce you to over the weeks and months ahead.

They all have the ability to open portals at will between their realm and the Lost Lands, and between the Lost Lands and our world. Humans don’t (they have to wait for one to open and pass through it!), giving them a great advantage.

These creatures have a complex society of their own, which Humans do not fully understand. Even so, over the century of the Anonassi War, we have been able to push them back, winning gradual victories.

If they can be driven back into Erebus and the link cut, our universe may yet be saved.

– Ed