Consortium Expansion Spotlight: Human Sourcebook – The Oracle

How well do you know the humans of the Consortium? It’s common knowledge that the first humans which landed on Taranis had been travelling for a considerably long time. But, the details of their journey have never fully been known. Even some of the Consortium’s greatest minds such as Benjamin Hayden and Gueya were unsure of the facts.

Now, you will be among the first to finally find out what really happened during those lost years. It’s evident that the humans on board the Kurmaja went through quite a lot to reach Consortium space; numerous intrigues, dangerous encounters with strange anomalies, and much more! Their thousand-year long journey to Sulis was certainly no walk in the park. This will be your chance to get inside the very earliest memories of the Consortium and explore a world before The Big Eight, The Bug War, and the Resistance. What mysteries will you uncover?

You can find the Human Sourcebook as well as our other Expansion books through Kickstarter; Era: The Consortium- A Universe of Expansions 2. We’ve reached over 100% funding and are working towards those Stretch Goals!

Thank you to everyone who’s helped support this project so far. We can’t wait to show you all of the amazing stories, artwork, and additional details that the whole team has been working hard to produce.

That’s it for me, I’ll be back here next week to share more news and updates from all our Era games!