Consortium rewards are at the distributor! – The Oracle

If you are one of our backers whose requested physical copies did not include the Definitive Edition, Revival, and Expansions Volume 1, you should begin to see your order within a couple of weeks in the UK, or maybe 3 in the US! These last three titles are currently being worked on and we expect to see some of them finishing very soon.

Expansions Volume 1 is currently with the indexer. Everyone loved the index from the original Era: The Consortium rulebook and we’re striving to make this next edition just as fabulous. The Definitive Edition has now gone through a full edit and is currently having its layout fixed up a bit. Ed expects this one to go out to proofreaders soon. Revival is still in the works and progressing but there is more that needs to be done with this one. I will keep you posted on each of these books so keep checking back!

So, unless you’ve ordered the Expansion Volume 1, the Definitive Edition, or Revival, you should expect to see your physical copy arriving in your mailbox within the next few weeks! Thank you again to all of our supporters. We could not do any of this without you behind us!

The Consortium continues to grow so come back soon to find out where we’re heading next!