Convention News – The Oracle

There are so many fabulous things coming your way in just a short amount of time that I’m going to get right into it today.

If you’re a new fan you might not realize that for the last couple years Ed and some of the team have been appearing at the MCM and UKGE conventions. These are two of the biggest opportunities for you to sit down and play some games with us. We take along just as many different games, comics, and add-ons as we can so that you can get an up-close look at everything we have to offer. It’s really an amazing chance to meet the team, get your questions answered, and play a new game.

First up will be MCM Comicon in London at the end of May [ ]. Every year we attend this comicon and every year we meet more fantastic people. This time, Ed is bringing in some new faces to help run the show. This weekend he’s running a training session to get our newest game masters up to speed on the 7 games we’re bringing with us!

There won’t be much time to rest because just after MCM, Ed and the team will be attending UKGE [ ]. We will be on the direct line between the main entrance and the toilets which means you will have no trouble at all finding us.

While at UKGE, you’ll get a chance to play some great games and get to see some of our latest content. You can also help wish us good luck as Era Lyres- Pocket Edition has been nominated for the UKGE Awards “Best Roleplaying Game 2017”, what an amazing honor!

Aside from convention news; the order for Champion of Earth has just been placed. For all you Kickstarter backers, it won’t be long now before this sweet card game is in your hands. Ed is hoping to have all the rewards delivered by early June. That’s coming up soon so keep an eye out for your copy!

Last but not least, let’s not forget the Survival Kickstarter begins soon. I’ve got a quick image of the Kickstarter that I’m going to share with you. It’s really coming along fantastic. In only a couple of weeks you’ll have a chance to bulk up on more content with some brand new expansions. Ed has written the first 3 already and they’re just waiting for that initial goal to be funded. Once that’s through, there’s so much more we have planned! We’re looking forward to seeing how far this project can go!

Survival Kickstarter Main Image

That’s it for me, see you next time!