Counting Down From One – Part 2

Hi everyone!

Firstly, I want to say thank you for all the positive feedback we’ve had about Counting Down From One Part One in just a few short days – you guys have really enjoyed it! I’ve had a huge number of positive comments and an equally large number of people asking when they can get the next issue.

Because of your feedback, we’ve decided to give everyone the chance to get hold of this comic a lot earlier than we had intended.

After a few days’ hard work, we’ve just started another Kickstarter for just the comic. If you want to know what happens next to Brynne, Nurten, Arthur and the others, then hop on over – we’re 35 short days away from showing you!

Thanks once again for all your support – we couldn’t have got this far without you, and what you guys have said to us has made us realise how much you want to see the next installment!

– Ed

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