Day Eight of Champion of Earth – Return to Sender

Hi everyone!

Today, I’m going to comment briefly about what happens when you can’t defeat the Oncoming Horde.

It’s going to happen at some point, if you play enough: Monsters all around you and no way to win against what you have to fight!Assault Rifle

In these cases, there are weapons that can help you, which attack multiple enemies, but sometimes they won’t be drawn, or will have already been used.

Flamethrower (1)

In these cases, the rules have your back: if any Monster in the Oncoming Horde attacks every player around the table without being defeated (if they are Stunned, they still attacked), then it is returned to The Cave for a breather. This means that if something amazingly powerful emerges and can’t be defeated, it’s not instant death for every character.

Of course, if it happens and you’re already injured, a Stunning card is probably necessary to survive…

– Ed

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