Day Seventeen of Champion of Earth – The Hand of the Illuminati

Hi everyone!

The Illuminati is a game-changing card. It can turn an easy-to-defeat Oncoming Horde into your worst nightmare, or just as easily make some of the biggest problems in the game simply return harmlessly to The Cave.

Alien – Illuminati

The Illuminati is an Alien card which, when you turn it over, shuffles every Monster in the Oncoming Horde back into the Cave. It then deals out the same number of Monsters again from  the Cave, and the same player’s turn continues.

There are some excellent tactical uses for this, especially combined with the use of the Site-to-Site Teleporter (I’ll talk about that in a bit, keep an eye out!).

Powerful and dangerous, changing the situation at their whim… what else would you expect from the Illuminati?!

– Ed

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