Day Thirteen of Champion of Earth – Scouts!

Hi everyone!

Today, I’m talking about Equipment which has the ability to “Scout”. It’s a specific trait that some equipment has, including the highly awesome “Hobby Drone with Assault Rifle”!

Hobby drone with rifle (1)

Well, if you have all that duct tape, you have to use it somehow, right?

The “Scout” ability on any card allows you to expend that card to pick up and look at every monster in the Oncoming Horde. You don’t show anyone else, but it lets you know what you want to do within your turn.

I hope you have a good memory, because you only get to do that once!

There’s also a limited version of Scout offered by the Binoculars card: it allows you to turn over the first card in the Oncoming Horde for everyone to see. It stays face-up until it is defeated.

Remember, you don’t have to fight a monster just because it is face-up during your turn, you only have to fight it if it’s turned face up because you challenged it or another monster’s effect caused it to turn.

Binoculars (1)

And, of course, Binoculars carry significant risk, because they do turn up the first card… meaning any abilities will activate. Use at your own risk…

I mean, they are a Level 1 Weapon!

I’ll be back tomorrow with another cool thing that Equipment Cards can let you do.

– Ed

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