Day Thirty-Six of Champion of Earth – Monsters Everywhere!

Hi everyone!

With just 36 hours remaining on Champion of Earth, make sure you don’t miss out on the chance to join us! You can join the Kickstarter here:

Today, I’m going over a few more of the enemies, at the request of a couple of people following these posts!

I’ve got a great selection below!

Undead – Ghost (1)

We have the classics as well as newer ideas for the Undead – the Ghost and the Mummy are important parts of the Undead line-up!

Undead – Mummy (1)


Alien – Alien (Attack) Pet (1)

The Aliens have pets, too! This is the Alien Attack Pet, which actually affects nearby Creatures as well!

Undead – Zombie Hand (1)

For the bottom end of the Undead, we’re bringing out the classic Zombie Hand!

Alien – Alien Colonist (1)

The Aliens are here to colonise Earth and they aren’t playing around: a load of colonists with their personal defence systems are landing!

Alien 2 (1)

This small Alien, inspired by Men In Black, has been unlocked as a Stretch Goal and will be joining the invading force!

Alpha Werewolf (1)

This is the Alpha Werewolf. Like the other werewolves in this game, it gains power based on other Creatures in the Oncoming Horde, so you’d better watch out! This one is pretty strong even before that.

Creature – Ogre (1)

Finally, we have the Ogre, a classic Creature which joins the battle!

Thanks so much for all your support throughout the Kickstarter and thanks again to anyone who’s read over all of these posts!

– Ed

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