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Last week I had the pleasure of announcing that the Shades of Vengeance games were going to find a physical home at a shop in the UK. Well, today I am thrilled to tell you that not only do we have the name of the shop but we also have a date for Ed’s first visit. Now I have one more reason to wish I lived closer; finding these games on the shelf and using British words like “Lorry” and “Boot” and “Bollocks”.

Get your marker ready and write this down: Wayland Games in Essex on the 19th of July. Ed will be there through the afternoon and as long as there are people willing to play. You will have the chancejoining in on a game of Era: The Consortium and even Era: Lyres if you’re feeling up to the adventure. He’s going to bring a selection of products for you to peruse: Primer and Full Rulebooks for Era: The Consortium, the Last Stand of Stiletto Unit comic, and the Era: Lyres basic edition.

There’s so much to choose from! Whatever you’ve got planned, make sure to take a few minutes on Sunday, gather up a handful of your friends, and run down to Wayland Games. We love seeing fans, talking games, and showing folks how much fun you can have. I don’t know if Ed will be making another trip over to the shop to run games so you’d best hurry down if you want some quality creator time!

One last thing before I let you go today. Ed has informed me that the Consortium books have now started to arrive around the world! I just got mine yesterday and after an hour of squeals and a quick photo shoot I proceeded to show everyone I know and even a few unsuspecting passersby. Be on the lookout for your copy!

We’d love to hear from you when you’ve got it. Send us a message here or on Facebook telling us what you think. If you don’t get your copy within a week of this announcement please email Ed to inquire about it and we will send our toughest thugs to figure it out.

That’s it for me, until next time!

– A

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