Drift: Heroism is on Kickstarter now! Join our latest #Empowered in her first comic: When your life is otherwise perfect, and wearing your mask often leads to humiliation, what keeps you being a hero? https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/sovcomics/drift-heroism?ref=5m24nn

Hi everyone! Our latest comic brings a new hero to life, as we explore the life of Jessica in Drift: Heroism!

This hero’s journey is a little different to the ones we usually see: while her life is pretty much as perfect as anyone could hope for – friends, good grades in college, and so on – being a superhero is… less than perfect.

The Plot of Drift: Heroism

With only limited ability to control her powers, the city’s favourite hero Captain Speed always telling her to go home to be safe and a lowly mugger outdoing her seemingly at every turn, everything is not simple for Drift.

But there are those who want to see her succeed, as well… and dark secrets that she will uncover about the way crime is fought in this city if she continues.

Join us to bring the latest chapter in the Empowered universe to life! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/sovcomics/drift-heroism?ref=5m24nn

– Ed

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