Era: The Consortium Miniatures Are Coming Together – The Oracle

Work is steadily progressing on our Stiletto Unit miniatures. Today I have an image for you of Takahashi with her signature weapon. When this Resistance powerhouse brings her sword to a gunfight it’s best not to underestimate her!

We expect to have Takahashi and all the other members of Stiletto unit ready and on display during the May MCM and June UKGE conventions! This will be your best opportunity to get up close and personal with these detailed figures so you won’t want to miss us. Also at UK Games Expo, Free Trader has been nominated for an award so wish us luck.

Two of our biggest events of the year are MCM and UKGE. We always have a great time meeting fans and running games so make plans to meet us there!

That’s everything I have for today.Come back next week for more updates!