Easily the largest creature in the Kingdom, Dragons are one of the most feared forces in our realm.

Many of the stories in general circulation about Dragons are true, according to the tales told by the few adventurers who have survived their encounters. They fly with a wingbeat which shakes the ground below and breathe fire that is hot enough to melt metal and reduce a thick forest into cinders within seconds. Their skin is covered with thick scales, which repel even the most advanced or well-blessed weapons that our civilisation can create.

Equally well known are legendary treasure hoards Dragons are rumoured to guard. It’s said that they gather precious metals because they find mounds of gold a comfortable bed. As many gold items come with jewels inset within, their hordes often consist of riches beyond a Rogue’s wildest dreams. How exactly they gather these trinkets, being so much larger than the humans they are designed for, is not known… although I suspect the resident Dragonkin (see Dragonkin) are assigned the task of collecting and piling up the gold for their master. Any adventurer who manages to slay a Dragon should seek the horde nearby – but never steal from a live Dragon’s horde.


Thus far, I have received no reports of there ever being more than one Dragon in any given place. It is assumed that many dwell in the caves of the Spine of the World, though very few adventurers have been brave enough to explore that area in detail.

The only known vulnerability of Dragons is their vanity. Many have tried to compliment, wheedle, fawn over and venerate a Dragon. Only a handful have succeeded but given the slim chances of survival when faced with a Dragon, it is often the only viable choice.

A few notes for brave adventurers:
• If you’re going to intentionally slay a Dragon, you must first get your head examined. This sort of thing is not even possible, according to many accounts. The chances are you will never actually slay a Dragon; don’t try. Go home, kiss your wife and pat yourself on the back for having the good sense to walk away!
• Can you steal from a Dragon? Well, this is slightly more possible but not by much. With great care and planning and a strong desire to get burned alive, you might just make off with a bag of gold and jewels. However, it is well known that a Dragon will pursue anyone who steals from it, across the realm, if necessary. Therefore, I advise against this also, unless you want it to be your very last accomplishment in this world.