Rengalm is the most idyllic place in the entire Kingdom of Yarnolth. Green fields, placid lakes and miles of farmland in all directions – those who live in this area are considered lucky. To own land in this area is to be similarly blessed, it is among the most sought-after commodities for nobility in the Kingdom.

The area around Rengalm is the most fertile in the entire Kingdom, so Renglam trades food with all the other major
settlements and many of the smaller villages.


Located in the South West of the Kingdom, Rengalm is set in an area of outstanding natural beauty, filled with rolling hills and fields of crops.

The city itself is far enough from the ocean to avoid any threat of pirates or sea creatures, though outlying villages have sprung up to bring fish to the city and the local farmers.

The markets of Renglam are legendary for the food they offer – from meat to grains and vegetables to spices and herbs.


Rengalm was, in fact, the first city founded in this Kingdom. For many years, Rengalm resisted the Kingdom’s authority and maintained a position as an independent state.

Around a hundred years ago, Yarnolth sent their military to provide a demonstration near Rengalm. The surviving records don’t go into much detail about the event itself but there are mentions of ground-shaking tremors, ear-splitting noises and awe-inspiring military tactics. Only days later, Rengalm acceded to Yarnolth’s authority. There was no bloodshed during the hand over, although when the King’s brother, Count Delaney, was placed in charge of the city, there were some non-violent protests. Once the population found that the Count was an excellent ruler, they calmed down very quickly.


Count Jack Derricks – A cousin to the crown, Count Derricks focuses on running Rengalm as a state that is as
near to independent as possible. He is allowed great latitude to do so by the King. He is known for his dedication to
the farmers of Rengalm, particularly for passing laws that allow them more freedom in trade.


Rengalm is a large city, with over 3000 people within the city limits. Many more live in the surrounding farmlands: the majority of these are farmers who live on noble-owned land. You might be able to tell a citizen of Rengalm from the rest of the towns by their above average waist size and generally healthy appearance.

Laws and Customs

Rengalm is under Yarnolth law, along with minor laws that are passed by the Count. These laws only concern the rights of the farmers and the rules of fair trade in the region – there is nothing at all for adventurers, travellers or wanderers to worry about in Rengalm!


Bandits, Wererabbits, and Vinemen are the threats seen in Rengalm. Wererabbits are at their most numerous in this
area, which can lead to dangerous travel during the night. As there are no records of them attacking an inn, I strongly recommend travelling only during the day and resting at night. Whenever Vinemen stray as far from the forests as Rengalm, they do so in large numbers, so travellers should be especially wary. Bandits are a lesser threat here than elsewhere but have been known to attack people on the more remote stretches of road to the east and north of Rengalm.