Era: Survival Kickstarer – Raiders Source Book

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Today, I’m talking about Raiders!

Inevitably, in a situation like the one on Gaia, some Humans don’t like the bounds of acceptable society and would rather prey on others. On Gaia, these are known as Raiders.

6 - Intimidation

They are less a faction than a loose group of warring alliances. Even so, they can pose a huge threat to towns, and even City or Crossroads, if the defences are low.

Mostly, they focus on raids on convoys, accosting unsuspecting travellers and wars amongst themselves. However, it has been known for them to attack and take over towns, forcing the townspeople into servitude.

4 - Raiders

The Raiders Source Book allows players to take on the roles of these unsavoury characters and roam Gaia.

But when all you have is stolen, food is scarce, and Injection even more so…

Will You Survive?

– Ed