Security First (Alternate Universe Company)

Timeline Alteration

In the main Consortium timeline, Security First was one of the organisations that collapsed after failing to keep order during the events of the Solar Flare in 32CE. It was taken over by Smertios in the same year.

However, the intervention of the Time Travellers, whether deliberate or accidental, caused the position of the top security company in the Consortium to be split between Smertios Security, Hodder Security and Security First.

Founding and Domain:

Founded as soon as companies were legal, Security First quickly became an advocate of martial law, echoing the position Captain Rogers had held – weapons must not be accessible to the public. This continued to be their edge over the competition in the areas run by companies that preferred more control and allowed them to gain an additional foothold on Taranis.

During the Solar Flare, the intervention by the Time Travellers allowed Security First to hold its ground. Although casualties were higher in their areas than anywhere else, they were widely praised when the dust settled.