Websafe - Sirona_FinalBackground:

Sirona is an ice-covered world on the outskirts of the Damara system, which has been used for many years as a prison planet for the worst criminals in the Consortium. Smertios Security will turn over any prisoners who have committed serious crimes to the care of Crone Correction, which runs the planet.

They keep the prisoners in domes which are functional and keep them out of the deathly –60 degree cold; but only under barely habitable conditions. They feed the prisoners, provide them with limited (and primitive) environmental protection, and maintain the domes. Lugh Chartered Records oversees the Administration of the colony, but the actual decisions concerning the prisoners are not theirs.

Sirona is funded in two ways – Senate funds provide a certain amount of money per prisoner and per dome currently active on the planet. Part of the agreement between the Senate and Crone Correction is that a sentence on Sirona is supposed to be a serious deterrent – they are, in effect, being paid to make the world an unpleasant place to live.


The domes are built in loose clusters on the open ice plains, one guard dome to two or three prisoner domes. The guard domes are sophisticated, well-maintained and contains every convenience that could be expected on a central world of the Consortium. They are deliberately built on geological features which ensure they cannot be easily assaulted by prisoners from the nearby domes.

The prison domes, on the other hand, are patched together for the cheapest price to the lowest standard C&C: Colonisation and Construction will accept, barely keeping the interiors at habitable temperatures. However, while domes do occasionally break due to this, Crone Correction ensures that prisoners do not die too quickly; their profits come from the prisoners’ work.


The population of Sirona is prisoners and their guards. Therefore, all races are present on this world, but they are almost all prisoners.


The laws on Sirona are very simple – prisoners have no rights. They are expected to live as long as they are able, mining water for the good of Consortium citizens and for the profit of others, and then their debt is considered repaid upon their death. Prisoners are not extracted from Sirona – the inhabitants never leave. The guards are kept from directly killing prisoners as much as possible, but they will not be condemned to Sirona if they kill inmates.


Crime is not prevented amongst the prisoners, they are pretty much abandoned to their own devices, as long as they work and don’t kill each other in large numbers.


Crone Correction records the poverty level on Sirona as 0%; the prisoners are not counted as citizens for statistical purposes.


Sirona is a world of extremes – high-tech equipment, weaponry, armour and biodomes are provided to and maintained for the guards, whereas the prisoners are given the minimal amount to survive – partial or primitive environmental suits, ensuring that they cannot riot and seize control of the planet.