Era: The Consortium – Living Campaign

The Time of Change has only been going for a few years, and much has already occurred. The “Orion Incident” at the Damara-Icaunus Jump Gate, the arrival of the Pliangrathilon and the rise of Psionics have all led to a feeling of unrest throughout the Consortium.

It is now 451CE and the Consortium has declared all-out war on the Resistance. Each side is attempting to control as much territory as possible. The uphill battle against Smertios Security might seem impossible for the Resistance, but overt control is not necessary to allow free movement… and there are increasingly sympathisers for its cause, even from within the ranks of the Big Eight companies themselves.

There may no longer be a weapon threatening 14 billion lives, but the fight is not over. The future of the Consortium is now in your hands…

What is it?

The Living Campaign is a way for every player to make their mark on the Consortium!

Through the structure, you’ll be able to affect the zones of control for the Consortium and the Resistance by your actions as a team for one of those factions.

The results of the Living Campaign will affect the next Era: The Consortium book, so choose your side carefully, and fight as hard as you can – will the Consortium or the Resistance dominate?

Memorable characters may also be included in the book, so don’t forget to include interesting details as they occur!

How does my group participate?

All you have to do is send the details of your session and what happened to one of the following places:

If you do that, Ed will personally add the results of your session to the map!

Information that is useful is:

  • Which faction the characters work for!
  • Which region of space they were in
  • What was their main objective?
  • Anything that happened of note during the session outside of the main objective.

We’ll be sending out regular updates via our News Posts and The Era Zone, so keep an eye out and see how things are going!

Please note that we do require a significant investment of time and effort to achieve something like eliminating a Big Eight CEO or building a Big Eight company. We are happy to provide guidance if contacted via the links above!

We will be running games at the various conventions we visit, as well as recorded online games, which will offer the opportunity for all players to shape the universe for times to come!

What’s the current state of the Consortium?

This map shows the current zones of control – blue for the Consortium and red for the Resistance:

Consortium lockdown:
The current position at the end of the Third Period of 451CE…

This can change any time, however, based on your actions! Make sure you send in the results of your missions to see the effect they have…

The following notable events occurred in the first period of 451CE:

– A strange group of Sentient Beings, not matching any known race of the Consortium was reported arriving at Ceridwen. They disappeared from the station after shutting down various areas, seemingly taking nothing with them.

– The same group of creatures were spotted shortly afterwards on Gateway 2, the Resistance station in the Outer Damara System. They killed several individuals and took Dr Phil Adams hostage, along with several of his weapons prototypes.

– A riot occurred among the prisoners who were building warships at the shipyards in orbit of Clota. This was contained with minimal damage, and the stolen ships were returned by Admiral Bryce Christoffer.

– A Consortium Task Force, with members from each of the Big Eight, destroyed Gateway 2, the Resistance base in Outsystem Damara. Two parts of this space station remained intact and escaped, though not without Resistance casualties.

– Several of this Task Force flew a ship full of children to the Outsystem Combine, and Consortium relations have improved with them as a result.

– Several Consortium personnel defected to the Resistance during the Task Force’s activities, changing the balance of power in this region.

– Commander James Lynks was captured and handed over to Hardcastle Haulage, which was a significant blow to morale for the Resistance in the Damara system.

– Zweihander Unit recovered Dr Amanda Charles and a mysterious ship for the Resistance after boarding Ceridwen station. Their base was later destroyed through unknown means, and the ship was lost. The personnel assigned to the unit itself survived, as they were on a mission.

– An Open Technology base on Belisama mysteriously exploded, with the loss of all base personnel. This has been assumed to be a Resistance attack, which has damaged their reputation in some areas and improved it in others.

– A building in the Geso District of Taranis is first breached by Smertios Security, with numerous personnel lost, and then is bombed to destroy it. This is a public relations nightmare for the Consortium, increases the Resistance’s foothold on the homeworld of the Consortium.

– The Consortium carried out an elaborate sting attack near Labbonus against the White Scythe. By having the Resistance capture a decoy ship, rigged to self-destruct, and hand it over, they eliminated a number of key leaders of the pirate organisation, strengthening their position in the region.

– Falcata Unit, of the Resistance, managed to steal a transport full of artifacts leaving Sirona and convert some of the crew to the Resistance.

– A Senate-funded team investigated and eliminated pro-Resistance smuggling operations on Abnoab, strengthening the Consortium’s grip on that planet.

– Falcata Unit used the stolen ship to destroy a patrol in the region of Andastre, but raised suspicion on the Lugus Smertios Security Border Station while doing so.

– Cinqueda Unit recruited a pair of trainers for new Resistance recruits and hacked records to make the havoc appear to be the Consortium’s fault.

The following notable events occurred in the second period of 451CE:

– A riot in a Rayven Optics factory on Verbeia causes a Consortium clampdown.

– The disappearance of a young Ximian, Ani’katsi, causes the people in her life to suspect a plot. However, the investigation turns up no leads and it is concluded that she left Clota to look for a better life elsewhere.

– An explosion destroying a deserted slum on Abnoab is blamed on the Resistance. Attacks on neutral targets worry the population of Abnoab, so the governor welcomes Consortium troops in numbers that have not been allowed in years.

– A full bombardment of Robor, destroying all of the domes and equipment, is conducted by Smertios Security. There are no longer pirates or Resistance members on this world. The population generally welcomes this.

– Leaders of a Ximian hive on Essus claim the now-barren world as their property, and the Senate allows it, giving them the second inhabitable world near Viscious.

– Foil Unit attacks a refuelling post with the aid of the Star Runners smuggling group. The resultant inability for ships to refuel in the region means several warships are stranded there, decreasing their control of Outsystem regions.

– Abnoab hands over all of its private security personnel to Smertios Security to combat the terrorists. Many Resistance operatives and sympathisers are arrested.

– A small number of Resistance members are able to transfer valuable goods off Abnoab before the lockdown. Katana Unit uses this wealth to grow the fleet.

– The Consortium Task Force sends its first Psionic “Watchdog” unit to track down Acinaces Unit, which is based on one of the small moons of Andastre. The mission is successful, entirely eliminating the Resistance unit.

– Gladius Unit attacks a Smertios Security Medium Cruiser near Labbonus. Neither vessel is destroyed, but Smertios Security begins to ensure their forces only go out in larger numbers. Captain Booner, a decorated officer, is lost in the assault.

– More Psionic “Watchdog” units are deployed to find Resistance units through invasive techniques in the Andastre region. The Resistance takes several losses and is forced to pull back many of its active units back to Ritona.

– Zumaul Unit converts recreational drugs bound for Clota into medicine, which they distribute to the working class on Belisama, halting a disease outbreak.

– Aktak hive on Essus loses years of accumulated medical supplies in a fire. The supplies are replaced by Hayden Bank once the insurance is shown to be in order, improving the reputation of the Consortium in the region. Senior Consortium operatives are sighted at HHTP IE between the crisis and the insurance claim.

– Flammard Unit successfully disrupts an important, clandestine weapons transportation route, staunching the flow of weapons from Luxovious to Verbeia.

– Kukri Unit steals traditional currency that Lugh Chartered Records had removed from circulation from a warehouse on Arawn. The funds are distributed to those who need it in the name of the Resistance.

– Spatha Unit disables illegal Mining Conglomerate spy drones and convinces the population to allow them sanctuary in return, creating a new Resistance outpost.

The following notable events occurred in the third period of 451CE:

– Katana Unit fight a giant space battle, the largest seen since Shaun Hardcastle, against Consortium forces in Outsystem Damara. They are betrayed by a small group of their captains and forced to retreat, losing almost half of their ships.

– Jave Unit stop a Smertios Security team harassing a region in Damara, through non-violent means, inspiring an Outsystem Combine colony to help them.

– The Resistance steals a prototype power source from Clota, getting into a firefight on the way out. Clota clamps down on incoming travellers from this point on.

– Resistance operatives establish important intelligence contacts on Luxovius by posing as inspectors of agricultural units.

– A Consortium team investigates a company with suspected Resistance ties and vanishes. Shortly afterwards, the Lugus Council permanently exile a Human as a ‘Danger to Public Safety’.

– An unknown species is encountered on an Outsystem Combine base in the Icaunus System. Although the Consortium offers to assist, all information is kept within the Combine. The base is later destroyed by Outsystem Combine forces.

– Smertios Security pulls back patrols in the Borvo / Labbonus region to reinforce the rest of the Icaunus System’s main planets.

– A sweep through the core of the Sulis System reveals a covert Resistance base among the remains or Rosmerta. The base personnel are killed and replaced with a Consortium team. New defences are placed, which eliminate the Resistance ship which comes to investigate.

– Katana Unit mount a daring raid on a Smertios Security fleet which patrols Outsystem Sulis, destroying eight Light Cruisers and forcing the patrols to pull back. The ultimate aim of this operation remains unknown.

– Consortium forces secretly revise their patrols in response to Katana Unit’s raid, and catch several Resistance vessels off guard near Anextiomarus. A fight ensues and the Resistance loses several small ships under the command of Claymore Unit. The Unit personnel escape unharmed.

– A small but vocal group on Luxovious protest the conditions of the workers. It’s “proven” to be a fake protest, carried out by the Resistance, by operatives of Moritasgas Pharmaceuticals, who then turn the population against the protestors.

– Britannia has a security breach, and C&C: Colonisation and Construction responds by restricting travel to and from the station, along with renewed security checks. All Resistance operatives on the station are cut off from outside contact.

– Cinqueda Unit recruit a number of codebreaking experts from Lugus to assist the Resistance with their efforts against Consortium forces. The group are able to reveal several secret patrol routes.

– A new Consortium arrangement with several hives on Essus results in several Resistance agents being turned in due to economic incentives offered.

– Following suit after Britannia’s security breach, Ceridwen entirely locks down. None of the four undercover Resistance operatives aboard manage to escape.