Everything you need to know about Shades of Vengeance at UKGE 2017!

Hi everyone!

Shades of Vengeance are returning to UK Games Expo: you can find us on your left as you go down Asmodee Street (the cross street is currently unnamed, but comes after FFG Avenue!).

We create games because we love doing it, and you’ll quickly see that the last year has been a busy one! We have loads going on at the convention, but here are a few of the headlines:

Era: Survival Expansions Kickstarter

After a very successful Kickstarter for Era: The Consortium’s expansions (which unlocked 8 expansions through Stretch Goals!), we’ve started one for fan favourite Era: Survival, which will run through the convention!

Our top-notch team from the Consortium expansions has shifted their attention onto the world of Gaia and its factions, as they fight for dominance and to defeat the Infected.

Will you Survive?

If you want to talk to us about the game, some of the writers on the project will be there. You can even give it a try: just drop by our stand and we’ll run you through it!


Era: Lyres Pocket Edition – UKGE RPG of the Year

Our later version of Era: Lyres cut the book down to the minimum necessary amount of material. We’re now able to offer the full-colour Pocket Edition for just £5 in Physical Format.

It’s been nominated for the UKGE Awards, so don’t forget to vote (or drop by our stall and grab a copy)!

In celebration of Era: Lyres’s nomination, we’re giving away free dice bags with the Era: Lyres logo, so drop by and grab a home for your dice!


New Game Release: Champion of Earth

Shades of Vengeance have completed our first card game! Some people may remember playtesting an idea of Ed’s, “Champion of Earth”, where you fight off Aliens, Undead and Creatures who are attempting to take over the world.

You take the role of one of 6 heroes who fight back against these creepifying invaders in this fast-playing, light-hearted card game!

The full game is finally ready and is being released to the public at UKGE 2017! We’ll be running demos and have copies available for purchase, so don’t forget to drop by and try it out.

We hope you’ll join us in defending the Earth…


New Game Release: Era: Hitman

Our latest Roleplaying Game is another addition to our Pocket collection. In Era: Hitman, released for the first time at UKGE, you play as a super-powered assassin in a world inspired by Assassin’s Creed and the Hitman games.

However, your powers are not unlimited – you’ll quickly find that you run out of abilities if you overuse them! Will you be able to take down your target without being detected?

We’ll be running demos of Era: Hitman and have the first set of printed copies for sale at UKGE 2017!


New at our Stall: Games in Development

We’re constantly working on new games, as well as enhancing our existing ones. You can join us to test out some of the most recent games under development, including our latest card game, which has the working title Era: Survival – Colony.

In this game, players work together as a team to protect your small town from the various aggressors in the world of Gaia. Experience Era: Survival from a different perspective!

Also get a sneak peek about what we have coming, including Era: The Chosen, Era: Survival expansions and much more!


New Expansions: Era: The Consortium

The 7 new expansions which were unlocked on Kickstarter in October and are now completed will be available to anyone who missed the campaign and wants to catch up. They are all independent and compatible with either the Core Rulebook or Rulebook Primer!

  • The Secret War brings players the opportunity to take on the mantle of a Shade or, on the Resistance side, a Phantom (operatives trained to defeat Shades) in addition to their other roles. Gain access to new implants, weapons and ships and fulfil your own mission alongside your party!
  • The Fifth Race brings not only the Pliangrathilon as a playable race, but a new range of equipment, weapons and armour to the players, almost 50% as much again as was in the Core Rulebook! It also provides rules for weapon and armour enhancement through crafting.
  • Rapier offers a new approach to hacking in Era: The Consortium. Within a computer’s virtual environment, an experienced hacker can be as good at Combat as any of their soldier teammates! This expansion includes the rules for “immersive hacking”, examples of the programs found within the systems and multiple programs that can be used to defeat them!
  • The Time Travel Campaign, in three parts, includes a brand new prologue session, pre-made characters and 30 sessions, along with a list of equipment, armour and weapons to help you on your mission.
  • A New Dawn offers players the chance to gain psionic abilities such as mind control, memory draining, telepathic linking and mind lash! It contains all the relevant rules for this, along with describing the inevitable decline into madness characters with these abilities undergo.


New at our Stall: Sound Corner

Our soundscaper and audio expert, Leo, has set up a “sound corner” for our booth, along with a competition!

We’re going to have a competition to make the best noise that you would expect Ximian speech to sound like. The best is going to get a brilliant prize – all of the Era: The Consortium books (including expansions!) on one of our Era: The Consortium Memory Cards (Value £65).

If that’s not enough to convince you to have a go, in addition, the sound will be used as the basis for one of the characters in an upcoming audio drama we are working on! It’s a fantastic opportunity to get your talent out into the world, so come by and ask about it on any of the three days the main hall is open!


Era: The Consortium Organised Play

Join our excellent GM, Phil, to play fan-favourite Era: The Consortium through the organised Roleplaying for the convention. He’ll be running two sessions of Era: The Consortium during the weekend: Join the newly-formed Stiletto Unit in their attempt to uncover a plot which threatens the Consortium!

You can join us at our stand for the last chapter in Stiletto Unit’s story as well, a 20-to-30-minute demo session which will introduce you to the game at the climax of the 500-year history.


Throughout the weekend, we’ll be available and able to run demos of all our games, new and old:

  • Join us in defending the Earth from an alien invasion in Champion of Earth!
  • Save 14 billion lives in our Era: The Consortium session, the Last Stand of Stiletto Unit, set at the climax of the game’s 500 year history!
  • Find and rescue your employer’s old friend, but avoid both Raiders and Infected in the Era: Survival Session!
  • Tell a story of your amazing adventures in Era: Lyres, and earn the adoration of the people of Yarnolth!
  • Join a group of superheroes in Era: The Empowered and defeat the greatest supervillain the Earth has ever seen!
  • Band together with your friends to face the challenges of the Isle in Era: Silence, and earn your name as a warrior!
  • Eliminate your target in Era: Hitman, using your amazing abilities such as gravity control and force field creation!

Talk to us about Game Design!

Last year, we joined a panel about Roleplaying Game design, and we’re not able to do so this year, but our team is happy to talk to you about any aspect of your game that you’re interested in discussing.

We help people to create their games through ImagineRPG.com, ensuring that all of the control remains with you, so consider dropping by and talking to us about any game ideas that you need help making a reality!


And much more…

It’s not really possible to put everything we’ll be doing in this news article! However, feel free to drop by our stall and find out more about our games and what we’re trying to do!

You can find us on Asmodee Street on the street after FFG Avenue (which currently has no name!).

We hope to see you there!

– The Shades of Vengeance Team