Evil Overlord Rules Clarifications

This page is intended to answer a few of the edge cases in Evil Overlord, where the answer may not be immediately clear!

For ease of navigation, they are ordered alphabetically by the name of the cards involved or, if it’s a Faction-wide question, by the name of the Faction.

Ashen Dwarf picked by Elder Vampire

If an Ashen Dwarf is randomly selected by an Elder Vampire, the Elder Vampire’s power is reflected and the Ashen Dwarf consumes the Elder Vampire, adding its Power Level to its own.

This gives the Ashen Dwarf a Power Level of 8!


Combine Card

The +2 bonuses  on certain Robot Army members are added after a Combine, but multiple effects can be added. For example:

A Black Widower (8) with Silver Blades (+2 Versus Creatures) is combined with a Drone Line (2) with Ultraviolet Lights (+2 versus Undead). This gives a new Robot with (8 + 2) x 2 = 20 Power Level and both Silver Blades and Ultraviolet Lights.

This Combined Robot therefore has 20 Power Level as well as +2 against Undead and +2 against Creatures.


Robot Army Bonuses – “I can beat one other player but not all! Who wins?”

Sometimes, the Robot Army will cause a player to defeat one army but not another, due to the bonuses which apply only to certain armies.

If no army can beat all other armies, then no player wins!